The Factors You Should Consider Before Preparing a Will

Preparing a UAE will before the fact is often a very difficult and time-consuming process. Some people get lost along the way, while others are simply taken by surprise at the state of their affairs. It’s best to seek guidance from an attorney as soon as possible. An attorney can help determine if your will is properly prepared, or if you may need to amend it before it is submitted. He can also advise you on what factors you should consider before preparing a will. This article discusses some of the most common things that an attorney will look for in your Will before making a final evaluation and rendering a decision.

Accurately describe the events that occurred when you died:

The first thing that he will ask you to do is to accurately describe the events that occurred when you died. Your Will must be organized, clear and accurate. It should also clearly indicate who all are named as beneficiaries. If there are children, then the children must also see that they are properly and adequately provided for under the Will.

Include a living trust:

If there are children, then the Will must also include a living trust. This is a legally binding agreement that names other people as co-owners of your assets in case you die. Once this part is completed, you can move forward with the other aspects of your legal planning. Your attorney must be well-informed about the laws governing dying with a will.

Take all necessary financial steps to pay your debts:

Another factor that your attorney will look for is that you take any financial steps necessary to pay your debts before you pass away. This could mean borrowing from a family member or taking a second mortgage on your home or car. It could also mean selling your home or car. In some cases, you might even have to take out a loan for the extra expenses. If your attorney sees that you planned for all these things, then he can feel less inclined to challenge you about whether or not you made your Will correctly.

Prepare a one will at a time:

Another important thing to note is that you should only prepare one Will at a time. This is to ensure that there is no confusion or mishap down the road. Your attorney will fill out and file the requisite paperwork to prepare your Will before you do so. However, you should also have a copy of your Will produced to your attorneys as well as anyone else required.

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