Multiple sclerosis is disorder of nervous system which affects brain and spinal cord. In this disorder, immune system attacks on the myelin sheath of our brain and so it badly affects the communication between body and brain. Before visiting neurologist you must have knowledge of this disease. Therefore, we have provided information of this disease in this article.


The symptoms of this disease are blurred vision, partial or complete loss of vision, electric shock sensations, weakness of body, difficulty in walking and urine problems.


It is an auto immune disorder so it occurs when immune system attacks on body.

Risk factors:

Genetic disorder, age, infections, deficiency of vitamin  D, certain autoimmune diseases and smoking are the risk factors of this disease.

So if you see any of these symptoms then you must visit neurologists in Dubai and you must read this article to get few tips to know about your neurologists.

Make a list of neurologists of your area:

You can make a list of best neurologists of your area or of your city. For this, your family physician can also guide you, you can seek help from your family and friends and internet is also best option to search best neurologists of your area.

Neurologists’ experience and certifications:

Their training, certifications and experience matters a lot. An experienced neurologist can give best treatment of sclerosis. The outcome of treatment entirely depend upon neurologist’s experience and his training.

Observe hospital quality:

It is mandatory to check the quality of hospital because only a high quality hospital can give quality treatment. Nervous system disorders required complete team of medical staff including neurologists, radiologists, rehabilitation and other nursing staff. So also observe that either that hospital has complete staff or not.

Evaluation of communication style: