Accounts is a very important part of any business as they are the ones who helps you with every single thing by making sure that the business is running smoothly and if there should be any changes in the future plans for the betterment of it. This all can be done only if the accountant that you are going to recruit is good in their work and understands the small things. Here is how to find out if the specific chartered accountant firm in Dubai would be good for your business or not.

  • Their experience in your industry

Most of the accountants are specializing in specific industries such as accounting for doctors or construction company. How this all helps them and the recruiter is that they know and understand the dynamics of a specific industry and then work accordingly in helping it to excel. Their knowledge can be beneficial and this way they won’t be completely oblivious to the debts and credits of the firm but instead know the numbers and how to higher them. This way they can also guide you in some investment plans which can prove to be very beneficial for you.

  • How would they have handled the situation

The best way to know if the accountant is good enough for you or not is by giving them a hypothetical situation and asking what would be their reaction to it. If they say exactly what you would have done then it’s a score and if they guide you in some new direction which can be safe and out of the box then you know you will be adding an asset to your company. Some accountants are also VAT consultants in UAE so they should be able to answer any situation because consulting is their job. 

  • When should you be meeting

This is one very important question as any business manager would want to know every single thing about their business and how it is running especially when they are just starting off. If you wish to higher the accountant then go ahead and decide a schedule because as often as you can meet is going to be best for you and your firm. Don’t worry it is going to be hard managing in the early days but soon you will fall into a schedule and without saying you will receive an update.