Key Aspects to Look for When Choosing a Montessori School

As you search for a Montessori school in Dubai, you’ll want to consider the type of education offered at each location. Some schools focus on academics, while others focus on outdoor play and connection to nature. You’ll also want to check out the classroom schedule and whether it includes uninterrupted work time. These are the most important factors to consider when choosing a Montessori preschool or elementary school. The following are some key aspects to look for when choosing a Montessori school.

Consider the distance:

Distance to home is a factor you should consider, but only if your child is happy and enjoys school. If you have a long commute, you might want to choose a Montessori school near your home. 

Quality of teachers:

Another important aspect to consider when choosing a Montessori school is the quality of teachers. While you may be concerned about your child’s safety in a new environment, teachers should always be attentive to your child’s needs. A Montessori school should also be comfortable with extended hours, which will make it easier for you and your child to attend.

Look for a school that focuses on independence and respect for children:

Finally, it would help if you look for a school that focuses on independence and respect for children. Unlike many traditional schools, Montessori schools use child-sized materials and encourage independent play. As you look for a Montessori school, you’ll want to see the quality of teachers and how they teach children. There should be a sense of calmness and peace in the classroom, and it should be clean and well-maintained.

Look for the type of teaching style and environment:

While the age range of Montessori schools is important, you should look for the type of teaching style and environment. Generally, the Montessori Method focuses on academic excellence while fostering social interaction between children of different ages. Nevertheless, it is imperative to look for a school that offers both of these qualities. For example, a preschool will have a curriculum that promotes learning in a mixed age group.

You should also check the school’s curriculum:

Montessori schools are unique in that they do not have grades. Instead, they focus on academic excellence. As a parent, you should not be afraid to ask questions that might be uncomfortable or even embarrassing for you. Do not be afraid to inquire directly about the curriculum and the quality of teachers. You might be surprised to learn how much a difference a teacher can make in your child’s life.