A locker is a place where anyone can keep their valuable or precious things safe from any other person. We all have something which is very dear to us even if it does not have a lot worth or even if it isn’t worth a lot of money and we keep that thing safe from being damaged or being stolen. In such cases, lockers are best to keep things safe. Lockers are installed and made in homes, schools, hotels, gyms, swimming pools, banks and in many other places. People have made secret lockers in homes and even in jungles. There are also different types of lockers and all of them have different functionality.

Did you know there is an actual competition that is held in United States where companies that make lockers come and show strong their lockers are? The most power lockers are not even damaged by grenade or by drilling. And they have very much costly installation and they are very expensive as well. Only the rich families can afford them. Some even have puzzle to solve and only then the safe can be opened. There are lockers which are very much high tech and they are very well programmed, some even have artificial intelligence system in them where the owner has to do eye scan or sing a song in a specific tone.

Scientists say that the pyramids in Egypt have still a lot of lockers to be discovered which can have artifacts worth of millions. Initially pyramids were constructed to keep the gold jewelry, rare stones and tombs of the kings and queens. It was said that the kings and queens would take the gold with them in the next life. Some lockers in the pyramids are said to be sacred and if someone opens them and take the artifacts they will be cursed for life and some might even die. So, lockers have a log history and they have weird facts too.

Talking about gold, UAE is famous for its value and quality of gold. And people there have to buy safe deposit lockers in Dubai to keep their gold jewelry safe. Even some people have bought luxury home safes. Companies which make lockers and safes are doing good and are generating excellent amount of income.