When it comes to getting yourself a car, you know that you can have variety of options. You can buy a new one with a of price and there are times when you can buy second hand car with less money and it seems almost like a new car. But not all of us get that lucky, because no matter how new the second hand car is, you still can face many disadvantages. There are many stories which people have told that they had really good intensions and they went to buy a second hand car that was available in the near by showroom. And after a week or so, the police showed up at their home saying that they have been using a stolen car. The honest people become a suspect and it takes a lot of time in proving that you didn’t steal it.

The car is taken away from them and they returned to the dealer and he/she didn’t have an idea that it was a stolen car. This happens because anyone can go to a second hand car showroom and say that they need to sell a car, at showroom owner buys it by estimating its price and make them sign up the paper and they sell it to anyone just like that without verifying. In short, your money is stuck with the dealer and he/she returns it to after so many days or even months and you lose the car as well.

Sometimes the second hand car dealers make temporary changes in the car just to get it fixed and you also don’t see anything wrong in it even the test drive is great but after some days, you start to see different problems in it and you take it to the car expert and they tell you that everything in the car is of bad quality and now you need to get them fixed. This is a loss for your time and money as well. Because once you sign the paper that you own it and you accept all the terms and conditions, you cannot blame the dealer. Because it was your job to see that is the car in good condition or not.

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