There are so many kitchen layouts in the market which you can choose for your kitchen such as U-shaped, Peninsula, and L-shaped. Kitchen suppliers in Dubai can provide you ever type of kitchen layouts. Kitchen remodeling is actually trending nowadays. People love to remodel their kitchens. We are going to let you know about advantages and disadvantages of kitchen layouts. 

U-Shape or Horseshoe 

In this particular kitchen layout, there happen to be three walls of cabinet and counterpace. There is also an island in the center of the room. This style is very common and older in homes. But it’s easy to modify this design into modern open concept layout or L-Shape layout.


  • There could be more space for cook, socializing, prep work which can be made possible by adding an island.
  • It is the best option for small houses that have a closed kitchen which is closed off from the dining space for cleanup and food prep.


  • This can be cramped in smaller sized homes that cannot accommodate an island.
  • Corner cabinet can be very expensive to repair or install.


This style of kitchen layout is getting popularity nowadays. This style uses two walls that basically form an L-shape and has an island in the middle. This design concept is getting more attraction from the people.


  • This style is ideal for entertainment and cooking with ample space for the chefs, guests and co-mingles.
  • In this style, the kitchen equipment and tools can be arranged in two walls and the island, which can provide multiple work zones.
  • The L-shape can take away the need for you to have an island and always keep high area traffic open.
  • This famous layout can increase the value of your homes.


  • When the appliances are placed efficiently across the space it can be frustrating sometime, if there is just a single cook in the kitchen.
  • You have to clean more work area and space.
  • This popular layout can prove to be rather expensive.


This style is similar to L-Shape or U-shape. This style typically accommodates an island that that spreads out from a wall or counter. It creates the asymmetrical bar look and feel which gives a very modern look.


  • This style can accommodate a larger number of appliances and seating due to extensive space.
  • It is also great layout for kitchens that are narrow and cannot accommodate an island
  • This style can enhance the appearance of the kitchen in better way.


  • This style is mostly not suitable for small houses.

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