Saint Kitts is also known as the Saint Christopher island. It is a country which is a large of two Caribbean islands that consist the nation of Saint Kitts and Nevis. This is a tropical island which is known for its grey, black and white sand beaches and a home of thick rainforest. It has a total of 175 kilo meters of land which makes it the smallest country and as of now there are 60,000 people who are native. And if you have the passport of this beautiful country, you will be open to 140 countries which will be visa free to travel. This country was established in 1984 and since then the country made sure that people from around the world come here and invest in their country. 

You can get their nationality by applying for immigration which can take a while and they might need a lot of paperwork. But Saint Kitts makes sure to welcome investors with open arms and warm hearts, even though it is not a third world country but still they want the other countries to recognize that they are open for any kind of deals and future plans. If you want to get their nationality fast and easy, it is best that you apply for an investor visa which is not very expensive as compared to other countries. You can get their investor visa at $150,000 and the spouse and children can be called on the main applicant’s behalf by only paying $195,000 for a family of four. Some countries charge a lot of amount to call people other than the main family but Saint Kitts only charge $10,000 to call anyone at anytime without questions ask. All they and the main applicant has to do is that they have to be medically and physically fit.

The applicants should have a clear criminal record and a proof of it and if they call their parents or grandparents, the main applicants need to make sure that he/she shows a good bank statement at Saint Kitts to make it clear that they can finance their elderly people till they are there. But the main applicant there has to make a one-time donation which is not refundable and any governmental fee is not refundable as well. With all these requirements done, you can have the St. Kitts citizenship by investment and you are also open to apply for Saint Lucia citizenship by investment.