Teeth whitening is used to removing stains off your teeth and improve the discoloration of the teeth. Getting white teeth has become another new thing in the cosmetic surgery, this is done to look better and have an attractive smile. Celebrities and people from around the world undergo surgeries which are worth of millions of dollars and have even insured that smile and teeth which is also worth millions of dollars. So, there are different ways to appreciating and valuing a smile. These the times where people want to get a best shot of themselves for the Insta photos in order to increase followers and the competition is really high. And this is another reason why this cosmetic surgery is becoming a trend instead of a need.

It is normal for any hefty person to get scared of the dentists because putting needles inside your mouth with drilling noises can be scary and it is okay to admit it, we all know we have been there more than once. And people think that each process of dentistry is going to be painful but it is not true. Well, at least getting teeth whitening is not painful at all and it is done within 20 minutes or so. But if you have previous dental problems like cavities, then the dentist will suggest you get that removed first because the whitening solution would not pass through those areas. With that said, if you have any gum problems or your teeth are decaying, again you will need to fix those problems first and then get going with whitening them.

There are two types of processes; vital whitening, in this process, a gel is placed on your teeth and the gel works by a laser activator. This may sound very cringy but it is not painful at all. Depending upon the severity of the stains, if they are tough it can take visits to the dentist in a week and the process lasts for 90 minutes. Then there is non-vital whitening process where if you had a root canal on the same tooth or teeth that have discoloration, which means that the discoloration is coming from the root canal area. The dentist will then place a whitening agent in that area and cover it with temporary filling and you will see the results in 3 days tops.

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