Anxiety is a normal part or reaction of the body at some troubled situation. But a persistent anxiety which doesn’t seem to calm down can have some negative effects on the body. Anxiety can have some serious consequences if not treated in time.

Anxiety can have a sense of doom in your mind – a feeling which can refer to impending doom or which starts the fight or flight response in your body. Most of the time anxiety strikes at the most unusual time when you are not worrying about anything or at such a moment when you are in deep stress. When it does hit it you may have difficulty in performing daily tasks or the current task because of the diverted attention. Your concentration skills will weaken and it can be very disturbing.

When the panic attack hits, there can be several physical symptoms which you must look for in such condition. The most common is the increased heart palpitation, chest pain and light headedness. Because of the increased heart beat your blood will pump quicker all over your body and you will feel warmer than the average temperature. These all symptoms can indicate to anxiety attack or something more serious. You may also face headaches because of the constant worry and stress which can lead to irritation at times and no longer finding the heart to carry on with usual activities. Once social withdrawal takes over, you are entering the first stage of depression which you must immediately get checked under any circumstances as it can lead to severe conditions.

During panic attack you may also face breathing problems these symptoms are more intense and you must always be careful when this happens. When you have anxiety before a huge performance or any such special occasion, it can be connected to the upset stomach with nauseas feeling. Muscle ache is also very common, even though the right cause of it is still not explained yet it can still occur. Because of increased blood pressure your veins may swell which can lead to swelled hands or feet.

If you feel all these symptoms or effects on your body then you must immediately get it checked by a psychiatrist in Dubai because they can determine the right cause and provide the treatment.

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