Custom made suits in Dubai are undoubtedly hard to find because it is not as easy and simple as you may think it is as there are a lot of things that goes into the making and custom. It is shady business so never settle for something below the mark or something which looks real for almost half the price because it only looks real. Here are a few things about suits that you may want to know:

  • How matters more than where

If you are looking for an authentic Armani suit than you may want the tag to say that it comes from UK or USA when in reality the ‘made in china’ tag would put you off. Don’t worry because once you have the suit on, the attention to little nitty gritty details matter more than anything. No one is going to notice if the tag says China or UK but everyone is going to notice the uneven buttons and cheap fabric from across the corner.

  • Consider body changes before ordering

If you plan on going through some major body changes for your upcoming special wedding day or an event which you wish to dazzle in then getting into the shape first would be a good idea. Custom suits are a real deal and once they are done, making changes to it is going to ruin the look of it. Before looking for the best wedding suits in Dubai, make sure that you are in such a shape which you can maintain. This suit is going to be your fitness goal motivation.

  • Your first fit should be your lockdown fit

This means that if you have ever custom made a suit whose fit you loved like nothing else then take that suit with you to the tailor for a new one. Even if the suit greatly varies in the design and style the fit is still going to matter. So when you are getting a new one made, lockdown this fit for yourself and use it so that you don’t have to go throw the several fitting appointments which can be used for something more useful – especially when it is specifically around your wedding time when there are a hundred more useful things which you would want to work on.