As a businessman, it is natural for you to pay due attention to the investment options that are available to you. The different options available in this regard can play a significant role in helping you expand your wealth and properties. In any case, citizenship by investment can prove to be a worthy option.

The primary responsibility of the investment decision maker is to contribute funds for the project or programme. Investment in turkey for citizenship is common but it doesn’t match with the Montenegro citizenship program. The position represents the dedication of senior management to the program or project and the regularity, ownership, and value for money requirements.

In programs and projects, the function of IDM (Investing Decision Maker) is implemented in various ways. It also has special roles within the Achieving Excellence Program for developing procurement programs. The IDM is primarily responsible for funding a project or programme.

The IDM duties can be combined with the Senior Responsible Owner’s (SRO) position in a wider program (and, to a lesser extent, project) setting where a person can take on both responsibilities. Where an entity plays the role, the IDM may be collective responsibility shared by the funding organization that provides the mandate and the means of supporting the investment together. The investment may be a single agency. The latter view is the one shown in Successful Program Management (external link opens in a new window / tab) framework which deals with an organization’s broader agenda and project context.

The scope and nature of the plan or initiative and its political sensitivity will be calculated in large investments at which investment decision making takes place. The position will usually be performed at Permanent Secretary or Accounting Officer level, the top priority for large programs or projects within a single Department, which forms the Department of Control. This role reflects the dedication of senior management to the system and the criteria of regularity, ownership and cost-effectiveness. When the funds are accepted, the IDM participates in the program or project. The funding organization also retains this position in services together. It can be combined with the role of the SRO in projects. When combined, the distinction between the authority to allocate funds and the obligation for successful results must be understood. Departmental finance divisions must, before approval by the Department of Finance, take account in programs and larger ventures, especially business cases and affordability issues.