There is a wide range of devices of Poly Dubai and the all will help in conferencing whether you want and audio conference or video. You can select any of the Poly devices as there are only few little changes and different features in all of them so you can choose Poly x50 or any other but before that you have to see the features and analyze whether you need only those features or some more and then decide. Some of the important questions that people ask about Polycom are here below for your help:

How to use that?

It is not very difficult to use the Polycom device as it is just like starting your normal TV and you just have to pay attention to different buttons and make sure that you turn on the device before you turn on the screen and then wait for a few minutes so it will get started and then you can start a video call with anyone you like.

How to transfer my call?

Sometimes while having a conversation you need to add another person to transfer your call to him to get some of the insights about the topic from that person and for that you have to select the transfer option from your device and then call to the person an your call will be on hold till then. Once you get the sound of ringing to the person then you can easily choose transfer option and the call will be transferred. You can also talk to the person before transferring to tell them a few points then you can connect with that person before completion of transferring the call and you can talk to them and then transfer their call.

Can Zoom be used with Polycom?

Many people have this question in their mind because is there for years and people are using that successfully and liking it a lot because of the easy interface and many feature and above all it is a free way to connect with other people. Zoom is an audio conferencing device and you can add that with the video features of Polycom and it will be a great combination of both of these to help you in so many ways like you can have meetings, webinars and classes without any problem at all.