No matter how much you have anticipated and waited for your child’s birth you will always dread the pregnancy era because even though it is beautiful, it comes with many hardships. Surviving through this time period is the job of truly only a strong and powerful woman. But we all need breaks and some fun in our lives and even though this fun comes with many limitations for pregnant women, it will still take your mind off some things. 


One of the worse parts of pregnancy is that comes along with lots of cramps and stiffness in the body which doesn’t seem to be easing out. Massage is the perfect way to let that burden slide off your shoulders and relax and unwind. Take this time and enjoy it because soon you will have a baby and won’t be able to look after yourself. So savour this ‘me time’.

Cooking class

This is the most fun thing which every couple loves to do on their vacations. Take up a cooking class and enjoy the fun time with your partner while you learn some cooking hacks which will surely help you once the baby is here. Not only this but you will also be able to learn some baby  food recipes which can be a life savvier when it comes to preparing baby’s first meal and finding something appropriate for your baby.

Have a date night

You know how they say, your love will now be solely dedicated to your little one. Don’t make your partner feel left out and instead enjoy this alone time with them by going on dates. You can catch a movie and have refreshing dinner and this change of routine will surely make you happy because there are very little happy moments when you are pregnant.

Go shopping

Yes we know this might not be a fun thing for many people as shopping could stress them out but if you are one of those people where shopping is the zen time for you then you should definitely go ahead and make rounds of maternity shops in Dubai while shopping for you and your little one. Maternity dress online Dubai can also be easily found but a change of routine which you get by taking a step out of your home can do wonders for you.