Christmas is one of the most important events for the Christians but it is celebrated by people following all the religions all over the world on the 25th of December. It is a really happening event and spreads love and laughter on the faces of every individual. It comes once in a year and is a really important event for the Christian community. People all over the world try to spend their Christmas with their family and friends and have fun with them indoors or outdoors. Most of the people spend time by decorating the house with lights and all the Christmas hangings available in the market. People also decorate their Christmas trees with decoration pieces, hangings and different kinds of lights available in the market.

Everyone is happy on this day and spread smiles on each others’ faces on this day. People also stay busy by cooking tasty meals and baking cookies with their family. You can also take your children to kids’ party in Dubai to entertain them ad to make them have the most out of the day. This will make them have more fun and they will enjoy more. You can also go to the popular Christmas dance in Dubai and can have all the enjoyment and fun.  You can go for a long drive with your family and while on the go you can listen to all the Christmas songs and watch all the festivities happening in the town.

You can see the most beautifully decorated Christmas trees and the amazing lightings done all over the town. You can also call your friends and do the Christmas caroling until your lungs give up. You can also sit at home and watch all the old and new Christmas movies and marathon movies and snack your freshly baked cookies and have a wonderful day at your couch. You can also play board games with your loved ones and play with your mind so that you can win the game. But if you are more like spending your Christmas outside the house then go and find a Santa and ask him for gifts and take pictures with him that you can alter upload on your instagram to get maximum likes. You need to have fun on this day and spend more time with your family so that you can tell them how important they are to you.